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Here, at the UKCSD, we believe our services are an investment that will pay for itself over time.

UKCSD Detection Handler. Part One the ‘Initial Course’

6 Days

The ‘Initial Course’ is your first step in the Scent Detection training journey. It will build your foundational scent detection dog training knowledge, enabling you to develop your canine search handling skills and experience.

UKCSD Detection Handler.  Part Two ‘The Assessment’

6 days

The successful assessment will award the candidate with the Assured City and Guilds Credentials ‘Detection Dog Handler’. Step two complete, the final stage of your journey will be the Scent Instructor Programme….

UKCSD Scent Dog Instructor. Part Three  ‘The Instructor’

6 Days

The final step of your journey! Where this course will enhance your dog training experience and instructional knowledge, enabling you to develop your classwork and training skills as a scent-work dog instructor.

Our Aims & Mission Statement

As signatory members of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter, we are proud to champion force free dog training.

Bring, the excitement and adventure…

of operationally based canine scent-detection training into the pet-dog community. We will achieve this by creating a network instructors, our ‘UKCSD Ambassadors’ who will share this knowledge countrywide.

Provide, an excellent learning environment…

where every dog and guardian engaged in our scent detection training programme will be trained to their highest potential. The UKCSD will instruct the dog training that your dog would love you to do!

Stand, steadfast in our ethical commitment…

where we as signatory members of the UK Canine Training and Behaviour Charter ensure that, all dogs and ‘their humans’ trained by the UKCSD, and our Ambassadors, will be treated humanely and respectfully.

All of the scent dog training equipment you will need

All of our equipment has been designed and developed with the support of operational experience and academic underpinning…. Created for the best scent training experience.

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Your dog can become a UK Canine Sent Detective! If you wish to know more contact our local trainers.

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