About Us

The UKCSD provide a truly unique mix of operational and academic qualifications that are unparalleled within the worldwide scent dog training community.

The head of school, Dr Robert Hewings BSc. MA. D/Prof., award winning author of ‘Scent Training for Every Dog’ is focused upon providing ‘that ideal’ mix of academic and theoretical knowledge. With this unique blend of the highest academic qualifications and considerable operational search dog experience, the UKCSD will provide exceptional and varied training creating the best possible learning experience for you and your dog.

We’re committed to using evidence-based practice, so you and your dog will be trained in a way that benefits you both, as we do not believe there is one singular method of scent detection training, every dog is different! As signatory members of the UK Behaviour and Training Charter we are dedicated to force free training methods. We train instructors to a standard of excellence, which is recognised by the City & Guilds assured digital credentials. Where you are able to proudly display these upon your digital media or CV, knowing the reputation City & Guilds has for assessing and confirming the best in skills-based instruction and education.

The welfare and wellbeing of the dogs and our clients is of paramount importance and we are steadfast in our commitment to both. Taking client satisfaction very seriously and always go above and beyond to ensure that our courses provide a high educational standard. Not forgetting, we want you and your dog to have you have an excellent and enjoyable experience!

Our unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience puts us in a leading position within the scent detection community and we believe this is why our courses are so effective.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic pet owner looking to help your dog reach its potential or you’re a trainer looking to take your business to the next level, we have the experience in a wide range of scent detection training. We can help you integrate these new-found skills into your existing business to increase your client base.

In addition to our high-quality training, we offer a completely tailored consultancy service to organisations looking to discover new training methods, progressing professional development, thus preventing your organisation becoming an entrenched community. We strongly promote evidence-based practice for your canine training establishment.

If you think the UK College of Scent Detection is right for you and your organisation, contact us today info@ukcsd.com.