The UKCSD Indication Station …

The UKCSD Indication Station …




There is no singular way of training an indication!

The UKCSD Indication Station can help! This may prove to be your most useful piece of scent detection equipment, allowing you to work on that all-important indication. It’s all about choice-based training and applying the concept that compliments the dogs learning style.

Platform One Will allow you to employ the training concept Lure and Reward, also ‘feeding’ in position over odour.

Platform Two Target training allowing you to target the ‘central exit point’ of the oversized odour pot. Permitting the dog to target the odour release, and hold an indication

Platform Three Shaping, using the pipe shape that behaviour ‘nose in the pipe’ and giving you the opportunity to use the oversized pot for that little bit of generalisation.

Constructed from industrial grade plastics, it’s light and portable, it’s been designed to link up with our modular kits, allowing the dog familiar equipment to progress search.

Free postage to the UK. International customers please contact for more information and postal rates.

Due to the current shortage of ‘white plastics’ your kit maybe supplied in a mixture of greys and whites. Please allow 28 days for delivery