We will be posting frequent blogs here, some carefully thought about, others will be just a chat, something to help you along your scentwork journey.

Today it’s a welcome to all those snifferdogs, to the folk who would like to start scentwork with their dog, and to all the detection dog handlers who simply wish to catch up with some reviews, ideas and learn about new scent work equipment that will become available to purchase from our shop.

There is a lot of information to share here and the UK College of Scent Dogs will endeavour to keep things up-beat and regular.

When we are running courses, we are sort of ‘off-grid’ so please be patient if you have any questions, don’t forget you can email us at info@ukcsd.com and we will try and get back to you soonest.

So, as this was our first hello, it’s simple…

Hello and welcome to the UK College of Scent Dogs !




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